June 2nd 2009

Meeting tomorrow! Wednesday, June 3rd in Smith 262 from 5-6pm! That's first and foremost. This is the second to the last meeting of the school year, but don't worry fearless Collge Republicans! We shall be hanging out throughout the summer.

Second! The College Socialists, thanks to much pressure being put upon them by us, have considered our call-out to a debate and dance-off. Tentative for Fall of '09. More info soon!

Third! NEW MOVIE NIGHT! This Friday, June 5th is TEAM AMERICA : WORLD POLICE! Yes! Pizza, soda and freedom will be provided! We have a flyer here to check out. Spread the word.

That's it for new news. We'll be putting up some new news stories, specifically on some sneaky dealings of Major Sam Adams. Stay tuned!

And stay classy Portland!

May 25th 2009

First and foremost, we wish to give our thanks to all Veterans and especially our fallen on this Memorial Day. On behalf of the PSU College Republicans, THANK YOU. Your service does not go unnoticed.

Secondly, our next meeting will be Wednesday, May 27th from 5-6pm in Smith 262! And this is our day of voting! So to everyone who was at our last meeting, you are able to vote in this meeting for our officers for the '09-'10 school year! Yeah! So be sure to show up on time, because voting is happenin' early on.

Aside from that? Study hard! This term is almost up!

May 17th 2009

Why, yes, we did counter protest the anti-Israeli group. We shall put up pictures soon!

Also, our next movie we are planning to show is, naturally, TEAM AMERICA: World Police! Not sure when yet, but we'll letcha know asap. Also, we're having a BBQ being planned. Also, details to be told soon!

Our next meeting is at Smith 229, from 5-6pm on May 20th! And remember! You must attend this meeting if you want to vote in our May 27th club election!

To all of our new members who signed up at our table? Thanks! It's nice to have you aboard! Welcome!

And as always, stay classy Portland!

May 11th 2009

First? Today is the last day to vote! So log onto banweb.pdx.edu and vote! Voting ends at 5pm. So do it! Voting is awesome!

Speaking of voting, PSU CR elections are on May 27th, and as per our Constitution, you must attend our May 20th meeting in order to be eligable to vote. FYI.

Also coming up? This FRIDAY we're showing the best movie in the WORLD about high school. RED DAWN! Here's a totally sweet flyer and there will be FREE pizza, FREE soda and FREE propaganda. So this FRIDAY, Smith 225 from 6-830 pm! We have a facebook event page here for the event as well!

Our meeting this week will be in Smith 262 on Wednesday, May 13th from 5-6pm.

May 3rd 2009

Why, yes, we did just issue another challenge to the PDX Socialists to a debate and dance off. After being called "fascists" by them on May Day, we've decided to reinstate the challenge. We personally feel if they are confident enough to shout that at us, they should be confident enough to call us that in a debate in front of the PSU Student Body. Dig? So Socialists. We're calling you out again. If you're up for it.

Speaking of Socialists... the next movie we're showing on campus will be Red Dawn! YEAH! It will be on May 15th from 6-830pm in Smith 225! There will be free soda, pizza and propaganda! Click here for a flyer!

So next meeting is at Smith 262, on May 6th, from 5-6pm! We had a fun day tabling and will be tabling again next week, so keep a look out for that void of liberalism on campus next Monday, Tuesday and Friday. We'll be in the center of it.

April 28th 2009

Hello might CRs! Another wonderful day full of Oregon sunshine! Our meeting this week is tomorrow from 5-6pm in Smith 262. What will we be talking about? Suprises, no doubt! You should come down and you can see! There will also be FREE pizza. Everyone loves pizza. Even Republicans. And especially conservatives.

Be seeing you!

April 21th 2009

Sorry this update is a bit late! But fear not, we are still having a meeting! Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 22nd, from 5-6pm in Smith 230. We will probably be talking about the Tea Party Protests we were in last week and probably about the Oregon Federation of College Republican gathering next week.

Also, GOP candidate for Governor Allen Alley is having his Blast Off (like a kick off, only more crazy) this Thursday at Eco Motion at 1625 NE Sandy Blvd from 6pm - 730pm. This is not an endorsement, but mearly a letting you know of the only official GOP candidate for governor so far!

That's all for now, Portland. Stay classy, stay in class, have fun in the sun!

April 13th 2009

Week two, brave CRs! This week's meeting shall be held in Smith 258 on April 15th, from 5-5:15pm. Why the short meeting? Well, details. Let me tell them to you.

Your PSU College Republicans shall be joining thousands of other tax weary, pork wary citizens during the nation-wide Tea Party protests happening on the 15th. Details for the Portland on are here. But if clicking links isn't your style, the skinny is we'll be meeting in the above listed room for a wee bit before we head on down to Pioneer Courthouse Square. Protest starts at 6pm and will go until 8:10pm. Bring your fancy sign, your patriotic fury and some tea bags. Or if you're more fancy, loose leaf fair trade oraganic cruel-tea free tea!

As always, our club email address is psucrs@gmail.com, so email us if you want to be part of our list serve, which is totally cooler than the Dems listserve, which may or may not exist (Word on the street? Doesn't exist).

So come ye' stalwarts of conservative thought! Meet your like minded students!

April 5th 2009

Welcome back to school! We hope the first week has treated you well.

So, this week's meeting will be in Smith 262, on Wednesdays April 8th, from 5-6pm! Hopefully we will be working out a Mission Statement, so be sure to bring in your ideas for one. I hear some voting might be happening, which is always exciting.

Also on deck, your Portland State College Republicans will be showing Werner Herzog's "Little Dieter Needs to Fly" on April 10th in Smith 236, from 6pm to 8pm. Film is free of charge, open to the public and there is a little bird telling us there will be popcorn, pizza and soda as well. And a box of tissue. Our flyer for the event is up here, so take a peak.

That's all we have for today. Stay Classy, Portland.

- Your PSU CRs.

March 29th 2009

Hark! The term starts tomorrow. I hope we all had a good Spring Break. But now is the time for updated club information. Here is the skinny. The first meeting of the term is the 1st of April, which is as always a Wednesday from 5:00-6:00pm in Smith 323. As was the case last term, we will be switching rooms a lot, so check here for the latest room.

Also!! The PSU College Republicans will be showing our first part in the NEW continuing film showings. The first film? Werner Herzog's award winning 1997 "Little Dieter Needs to Fly", a documentary about Dieter Dengler, who was a German immigrant with a passion to fly, with America being the country to provide such a dream. As a Navy pilot, he is shot down over Laos. I'll leave it at that. It's a great film and will be showing FREE of charge on April 10th, from 6pm to 8pm in Smith 236.

More news as it breaks!

See you all in the Spring!

March 15th 2009

So, last Wednesday was the last of our meetings for Winter Term. But fear not, brave CRs! For we shall back with a renewed fury come April 1st! Normally, this is where an April Fool's Day joke comes along, but it's seriously our first meeting for Spring Term. April 1st from 5-6pm. I'm not sure of the room number, but as soon as we know, you'll know. Deal?

And good luck on your finals. Be smart! Be brave! Stay sharp!

We also sent out an invitation to the College Democrats and College Socialists, calling them out to a debate and dance off. That was a few days ago. So far, no response. So if you're a CD or CS and you're reading this, we're waiting.

On any note, see you next term!

Stay classy, Portland.

March 9th 2009

Welcome again! We just came back from Dorchester, which was full of adventures and politics. There will be a review during our next meeting, which is also the last meeting for the term. It will be Wednesday (March 11) from 5-6pm in Smith 258!

We hope you can join us so we may proceed with closing business and talk of next term, in which lots of new and exciting things will be happening. What things you might ask? Secret things! Well, show up and we shall tell you!

We are in the process, too, of totally revamping the website, so we ask for a bit 'o patience as we go through this transition.

As always, our club email address is psucrs@gmail.com, so email us if you want to be part of our list serve, which you obviously want to because it's totally cooler than the Dems listserve, which may or may not exist. Or if you're coming across some crazy professor talking the crazy talk, which tends to be ramped up during finals. We'll be featuring that soon, but we need your imput and alarm bells to know.

Glad to be here for you, as always.

Stay classy, Portland.
-Your Local Friendly College Republican.

Feb. 27th 2009

We have now expanded our news section, in addition to adding a few more videos, and a few more links. So you should check them out. Dorchester is next week, so hopefully you are all registered. If you're not, quickly! Here!

Next Wednesday (March 4th) meeting will be from 5-6pm in Smith 258!

Meeting will include talks about Dorchester and talks of our fancy website. Obviously you know about it. You're here.

As always, our club email address is psucrs@gmail.com, so email us if you want to be part of our list serve. Or if you're coming across some crazy professor talking the crazy talk. We'll be featuring that soon, but we need your imput and alarm bells to know. Or if you want to say hi, send us good tidings or rants. We're here for you.

Stay classy, Portland.
-Your Local Friendly College Republican.

Feb. 23rd 2009

This site is starting to grow in content, so thanks for staying with us as we update and make this site worth its weight in kilobytes. You know, if kilobytes had a weight to them.

As always, meetings are Wednesdays from 5-6pm. It will be in Smith 225 this week, with special guests House Candidate John White former Gubernatorial candidate Tom Cox.

As always, our club email address is psucrs@gmail.com, so email us there to join our listserve.

Feb. 18th 2009

Just to get the most basic information updated...

All of our meetings are at 5pm and run until 6pm on Wednesdays. It is in Smith 225.

Our meeting today will include talking about this website. We will also be discussing Dorchester, which is a Oregon Republican gathering. For more information or to register, please visit www.dorchester.org

Our club email address is psucrs@gmail.com, so email us there to get on our mailing list of future awesome things.

Hopefully, within the next week, this page will look totally sweet. This is actually a technical term.

Cheers! Your local friendly College Republican.